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Realistic Fitness Logo


Personal Training
  • In home personal training - no equipment needed, everything is provided (TRX, Bosu, resistance bands, medicine balls, weights, etc)
  • On line strength training programs - plans designed for in home with minimal equipment or to be done at the gym
Endurance Sport Coaching
  • Run coaching - personalized plans sent weekly or biweekly to help you reach your running goals (first time race, PR, new distance, etc)
  • Triathlon coaching - personalized plans sent weekly or biweekly for swim/bike/run to help you reach your triathlon goals
Corporate Programs
  • Corporate strength programs - group strength programs at your facility
  • Run programs - group runs led by a Coach from your facility to train for local 5ks
In Person Coaching
  • Pacing
  • Swim coaching
  • Track workouts

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  1. HI Denise- Reaching out to you for Fit To Lead Programs here in Philly . Im at 610-420-6378 or Let's talk!